• Apartment Building For Sale in Mariscal Quito

    1. Location, location, location: In the heart of Quito's tourist district, the property is located meters away from the Marriott, Holiday Inn and Hilton Hotel. This property has been operating as a successful apartment rental business for 20+ years, with units rented out all year round. 2. Excellent investment and source of revenue: As of today the property consists of 10 apartments generating a revenue of $2500/month. There is unused space in the building where at least 5 additional apartments can be constructed, which would generate a total revenue of $3750/month. 3. Steadily increasing in value: Due to its central location, the area is booming and has seen plenty of development in recent years. In the past 20 years the surrounding area transformed from a quiet residential neighbourhood to a bustling commercial and entertainment district. Shopping centers, restaurants, universities, banks, office buildings and newly constructed residential towers are now part of the landscape.

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  • Mountain and Countryside Agricultural Land/Farm For Sale in Aloag

    This agricultural land/farm is located in Aloag, Pichincha, Ecuador, in Mejia county. This mountain and countryside property with mountain, greenbelt and valley views is situated in the highlands of Ecuador. The land area of this agricultural land/farm is a total of 47.00 hectare (116.14 acre).

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  • CASA DE VENTA: Countryside House For Sale in Pomasqui - Quito

    This house is located in Pomasqui - Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador, in Quito county. This countryside property with city, mountain and greenbelt views is situated in the highlands of Ecuador. The land area of this house is 134.00 square meter (1,442.36 square feet), and it has an interior space of 184.00 square meter (1,980.55 square feet).

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