• Oceanfront Development Parcel For Sale in San Lorenzo

    Land facing the sea with a sandy beach, which is also a place of reproduction of sea turtles. It has a front of almost 180 meters to the sea and 180 meters, approximately, towards the continent, of flat topography, mainly with sandy soil. The whole land has brick and concrete enclosure without any construction inside

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  • Sale Environmentally Friendly House in Puerto Cayo

    The house has been built within a private urbanization in Puerto Cayo, few steps from the sea, with permanent guardianship, electricity and permanent water supply. Construction in reinforced concrete with Guadua cane, slabs relieved with Guadua cane; use of gray water for the irrigation of gardens, maintenance of the interior temperature of the house through water walls, use of natural light through large windows and skylights; water heating through solar heater. The house has 98 m2 of construction on 2 floors. On the ground floor it is distributed on a front porch and access to the living room, dining room, kitchen, laudry area and pantry, restroom for guests. Ramp for lateral entry and also an open shower, beach type, to facilitate sanding before entering. The cistern is located inside the house and is covered with glass bricks that gives the social area an original look. On the upper floor are the 2 bedrooms with access to a front balcony, family living room and a spacious bathroom. The large terrace dominates the whole panorama and there is the solar water heater, which provides for the whole house.

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  • Near the Coast and Countryside Development Parcel For Sale in Santa Marianita

    Land located close to the beach on few meters from the road to Santa Marianita, La Travesía sector, located in height, with terraced topography closest to the beach and irregular topography as it moves away. On the front of land you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and excellent view of the beach of Santa Marianita. The area has great potential for all types of entrepreneurship (tourism, housing, commercial), in the sector is developing urbanizations and lotizations of good level, there are also several housing projects in the area, however, there is still a market not attended by private houses overlooking the sea, hotel, recreational or other projects.

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